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г. Москва, Манежная пл, д.1.

Christmas Airs and Chaconnes

Baroque music night
30 December
Ticket price: 200 rubles

City Department of Culture

Manege Association



Marina Volkova – transverse flute, recorder

Darina Ablogina – transverse flute, recorder

Rustik Pozyumsky – viola da gamba


Just ahead of the New Year and Christmas season, the Vadim Sidur Museum will host a concert of early music. Young artists will perform Baroque airs and chaconnes. The program will feature duets and trios by Marin Marais, Georg Philipp Telemann, Johann Joachim Quantz and a solo piece for viola da gamba by Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe. The musicians will perform Baroque music in its authentic style. “Universities abroad got their first departments of early music back in the 1960s, while Russia joined the trend only in 1997,”flute player Darina Ablogina says.




Darina Ablogina is an alumna of the Ufa Specialized Secondary Music School and winner of international competitions in Bulgaria and Lithuania. She studied at the Historical and Contemporary Performance Department of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and at the Department of Modern and Baroque flute of the University of Troms? in Norway.


Traveling between Moscow and Troms?, the flautist has gained an invaluable experience of solo and orchestra performances, playing with the National Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Bashkortostan, performing flute concertos by Mozart and Reinecke and many programs of chamber music. Today, Ablogina is a post-graduate student of the Moscow Conservatory and an intern of the Studio for New Music Ensemble led by head conductor I. Dronov and artistic director V. Tarnopolsky. Studying with this unique music team helped the flautist acquire new skills and extend her repertoire by adding new avant-garde pieces.


Rustik Pozyumsky plays the viola da gamba, baroque viola, fiddle and electric guitar. After graduation from the Conservatory, he has been actively involved with club and academic projects of early music for the viola and fiddle, particularly “Laterna Magica” (since 2001). He is also the frontman, lyric writer and composer of the St. Petersburg-based “Cheryomukha” band (Bird Cherry Tree). Also, he has participated in the recordings for the bands “Aquarium”, “Oedipus Complex”, “Duty free zone orchestra”, “Zelenye Rukava” (“Greensleeves”), and “Dartz”. He has ventured into Swedish and Breton folk music and featured with the “Catrin Great Orchestra” band at many important international festivals of early music and in Baroque opera productions of Giovanni Paisiello’s “Imaginary Philosophers” and Johann Mattheson’s “Boris Godunov”.


A member of the Russian ensemble of early music “Musika Antiqua” (since 2005) and “Pocket Symphony” (since 2007) and a co-founder of the “Dance of Renaissance” ensemble (now “Vermell”) with A. Gorbunov and T. Drak. As an extension of his teaching practice, he set up the “Baroque Viola Band” in 2013 and “Collegium musicum” in 2014.


Marina Volkova graduated from the Schnittke Musical College where she specialized in playing the flute; she continued her studies at the Historical and Contemporary Performance Department of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory majoring in the flute and transverse flute. She won a prize of the Maria Yudina International Music Competition in the Chamber ensemble category and participated in the 2008 flute competition in Bucharest. She performed with the Pratum Integrum orchestra of authentic instruments from 2006 to 2009, participated in recordings and traveled on solo and concert tours in Russia and Europe.



Media Accreditation: Manege Association | +7 (495) 645 92 76 | pr.manege@gmail.com





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