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Up Above Moscow

Boris Ivanov Jazz Band featuring in the program “Isn’t it time for some jazz, my friends?”
2 March

In 2016, the Manege Unit is continuing its project launched successfully last summer. Up Above Moscow is a cycle of music nights in a most advantageous location offering unique views of Moscow. In warm seasons, the performances are staged on the rooftop of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman pavilion, at the footing of the iconic 24-meter sculpture. At all other times, the concerts are held on the fourth floor with admission to the rooftop during the break.


Boris Ivanov Jazz Band featuring in the program “Isn’t it time for some jazz, my friends?”


Lineup: Boris Ivanov/bass, Natalia Skvortsova/piano, Dmitry Ashurov/ guitar, Svetlana Kolbasina/ vocals, Evgeny Koseko/percussion


The jazz band features a lineup of musicians with solid academic and stage background following numerous performances in jam sessions. Freedom of style means the band is perfectly comfortable with nearly all types of venues from small bars to grand festival scenes to night clubs, as their performance relies not on effects but virtuosity displayed by all members.


The performance at the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Center will feature jazz standards as well as ever-popular and less well-known tunes in different styles, from swing to bossa nova to ballads. The program will certainly include improvisations, which come natural for the well-coordinated band of friends.


About the musicians:

Boris Ivanov/bass. Boris Ivanov graduated from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (Jazz department) and worked for Mosconcert and Gosteleradio (the USSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting). He has performed with many musicians of the Russian music scene and participated in multiple music projects.


Natalia Skvortsova/piano. A pianist, composer and arranger, Natalia Skvortsova graduated from Moscow State Art and Cultural University. She is a member and co-author of Live People Ensemble and Fusion Port and a regular participant of many festivals, including Saulkrasti Jazz, Jazz Koktebel, Usadba Jazz, Gnesin Jazz, and Empty Hills (Pustye Kholmy).


Dmitry Ashurov/ guitar. Dmitry Ashurov graduated from Saratov Music College. He is a winner of many competitions and festivals.


Svetlana Kolbasina/ vocals. Svetlana Kolbasina is a voice teacher at the Moscow College of Improvised Music. She has worked together with  Chicago Groove, Django Band, Radio jazz (Arnold Uvarov), LadyJazz, Classy Jazz.


Evgeny Koseko/percussion. Evgeny Koseko graduated from the Gnessin State Musical College where he studied percussion at the department of jazz and popular music. He has worked with Mosconcert, Rosconcert and Rosgostsirk (Russian State Circus Company).


Tickets are available at the box offices of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman and online at the website of Manege and Voxxter.ru. Ticket price: 300 rubles.


Media Accreditation:
Manege Unit | +7 (495) 645 92 76 | pr.manege@gmail.com

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