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Дата публикации: 2015.10.05

Up Above Moscow

Alina Rostotskaya and Jazzmobile sextet
7 October

Moscow Department of Culture

Manege Association


“Up Above Moscow” is a cycle of music nights at a venue offering unique views of Moscow. In warm seasons, the performances are staged on the rooftop of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman pavilion, at the footing of the iconic 24-meter sculpture, a world-renowned symbol of the Soviet Union. At all other times and depending on the weather conditions, the concerts are held on the fourth floor with admission to the rooftop during the break.


Music nights at the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman are conducted in two formats, with ‘Rooftop Jazz’ performances on Wednesdays and ‘Electronic Thursdays’ given to electronic musicians and sound designers. The organizer of the project is the Manege Association.


Alina Rostotskaya and Jazzmobile sextet


20:00 – arrival of guests, admission to the rooftop

20:15 – performance


Alina Rostotskaya is an unusual phenomenon of the Moscow jazz scene. The singer, who is also a composer herself, boasts a rare instrumental manner, warm remarkable voice timbre and a refined sense of style. Alina Rostotskaya is one of the young jazz leaders aspiring to pursue her own way, while paying what is due to the tradition, but still trying to find her own colors and sound.


Her first significant appearance came in 2009 when she won the grand prix of the first Moscow competition of jazz singers, and then, in 2010, she performed with her ensemble at one of Russia’s most authoritative jazz festivals, Jazz at the Hermitage Garden. Since then, she has added to her record a state award and several performances with well-known musicians like Anatoly Kroll, Alexey Kuznetsov, Alex Rostotsky, Sergei Manukyan, Yakov Okun, Vladimir Danilov, Oleg Kireev, Alexey Podymkin, Lev Kushnir, Symfusion Orchestra, Lev Slepner, Irina Rodiles, Polina Zizak.


Over the recent years, Alina Rostotskaya has been actively involved with her jazz projects Jazzmobile and Jazzmobile Trio, for which she herself creates music and arrangements of jazz standards. She experiments with styles, sings in Russian and English, often without words, relying on the voice as an instrument of its own.


The music of the Jazzmobile sextet has won over many hearts, as Jazzmobile is always on the go, pursuing new colors and new sound. The ensemble comprises the best of the best of the Russian youth jazz scene, particularly Andrey Krasilnikov (saxophones), Evgeny Lebedev (keyboards), Maxim Shibin (guitar), Anton Revnuk (double bass), Ignat Kravtsov (drums). This intriguing musical journey will bring something special for everyone.



Ticket price: 300 rubles 


Tickets are available at the box offices of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman and online at the website of Manege and Voxxter.ru. The ticket price also includes admission to exhibitions on the day of the performance.



Media accreditation:

Manege Association | +7 (495) 645 92 76 | pr.manege@gmail.com
Head of PR Department Elena Karneeva | e.karneeva@moscowmanege.ru, +7 (926) 576-40-53

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