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Дата публикации: 2015.08.27

The Knowledge Day at the Manege

The festival of educational programs at the Manege venues
29 August

Moscow City department of Culture

Manege Museum and Exhibition Association

The Knowledge Day at the Manege. The festival of educational programs at the Manege venues



Autumn is the right time to embark on learning something new, even if your school and college days are long past. “The Knowledge Day at the Manege” is a one-day festival to mark the launch of the autumn educational programs for adults to be hosted at the venues of the Manege Museum and Exhibition Association.


The Manege Central Exhibition Hall will welcome visitors for two guided tours to talk about the concept and architectural design of the “Sculptures We Do Not See” exhibition.


The 2morrow+Manege film school will present its educational program with several lectures. Chief Editor of Mars Media Studio Vassily Klepatsky will explain what sets apart a good script from a bad one. Ekaterina Ignatova will give a talk on how psychological competence helps the screenwriter and his/her characters. Production designer Ekaterina Kozhevnikova will share some practical advice on production design.


The Worker and Kolhoz Woman Exhibition Center will host a presentation of an original course on architecture by Evgenia Gershkovich. It will start with the introduction to the architectural context of VDNH with a lecture called “Global Modernism and the History of Expo”. Also at the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman center, the 2morrow + Manege film school program will continue with the presentation of its educational plans; movie expert Kirill Adibekov will give a talk on the relationship between the cinema and history, and Anna Lind will share her expertise on the laws of the cinema and filmmaking practice.


Guests of the exhibition hall will also get a chance to attend a performance of electronic music as part of the Up Above Moscow project. For this traditional rooftop performance, Varya Pavlova, also known as Lisokot, has prepared a unique program featuring multi-instrumentalist Mitya Vikhornov.


The Knowledge Day festival will be perfect for a first visit to the Vadim Sidur Museum. The schedule on the day will feature tours of the exhibition called “And yet”, a presentation of the educational program and a round table to discuss the phenomenon of a single-themed museum in the modern city.


The Knowledge Day at the Manege will also feature a program for kids: little visitors of the Studio Museum of David Nalbandyan will create autumn landscapes and still lifes. While the kids are painting, their parents will be offered a visit to the permanent exposition of the Museum. G. Zaikina will give a talk on “How to contemplate a painting” for school students of the 5th-7th grades.


Please register at pr.manege@gmail.com, stating the venue and event you would like to attend.


Media accreditation:

Manege MEA | +7 (495) 645 92 76 | pr.manege@gmail.com

Head of PR Department

Elena Karneeva | e.karneeva@moscowmanege.ru, +7 (926) 576-40-53

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