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Дата публикации: 2015.10.16

Project “Up Above Moscow”, program “Rooftop Jazz”

The Anatoly Osipov Quartet
28 October

Moscow Department of Culture

Manege Association


“Up Above Moscow” is a cycle of music nights at a venue offering unique views of Moscow. In warm seasons, the performances are staged on the rooftop of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman pavilion, at the footing of the iconic 24-meter sculpture, a world-renowned symbol of the Soviet Union. At all other times and depending on the weather conditions, the concerts are held on the fourth floor with admission to the rooftop during the break.


Music nights at the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman are conducted in two formats, with ‘Rooftop Jazz’ performances on Wednesdays and ‘Electronic Thursdays’ given to electronic musicians and sound designers. The organizer of the project is the Manege Association.


The Anatoly Osipov Quartet (modern jazz, post jazz)

20.00 – arrival of guests
20.15 – performance


The Anatoly Osipov Quartet performs music in the post jazz style. The lineup features a stellar cast of soloists and improvisers, leaders of their own bands, boasting great stage experience and popularity on the local scene.


Anatoly Osipov is the mastermind of the band, the author of the majority of musical material and a saxophonist with his own recognizable sound. Pianist and composer Alexey Nadzharov brings in his experiments in improvisation, modern academic music and the synthesis of styles. Pyotr Talalay is an experienced drummer with a refined intellectual style of playing and a creative approach to arranging. This time, the core trio will be joined by Denis Shushkov, the well-known Russian double bass player.


Osipov’s music is rich in references to various styles and epochs, featuring elements of classic jazz, overtones of the Romantic period, academic and ethnic music. Both original pieces and traditional compositions are set in a perfectly free improvisational style. In their interpretations of jazz standards and the music of the past century, the band still keep up with the modern age.


The lineup:

Anatoly Osipov – tenor saxophone

Alexey Nadzharov – grand piano

Denis Shushkov double bass

Pyotr Talalay – drums


Tickets are available at the box offices of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman and online at the website of Manege and Voxxter.ru. Ticket price: 300 rubles


Media accreditation:

Manege Association | +7 (495) 645 92 76 | pr.manege@gmail.com
Head of PR Department Elena Karneeva | e.karneeva@moscowmanege.ru, +7 (926) 576-40-53





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