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Jameel Prize events programme

11 октября — 15 октября 2014

The New Manege State Exhibition Hall, Moscow, will present a major exhibition representing the shortlisted artists of a prestigious international competition: the Jameel Prize 3. The exhibition will feature over 20 works of 10 artists and designers from all over the world: Azerbaijan, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France. The exhibition is organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum London (V&A) in partnership with Art Jameel.


The Jameel Prize is an international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition. Its aim is to explore the relationship between Islamic traditions of art, craft and design and contemporary work as part of a wider debate about Islamic culture and its role today.


Educational events and lectures will be held as part of the exhibition.


11 October, Saturday

12.00   Islamic themes in the luxury collections by European designers. Lecture. Dmitry Gourji

14.00   Dice Kayek fashion illustration. Workshop.­ Ece and Ay?e Ege (Turkey)


18 October, Saturday

16.00   The Ancient East music magic. Azerbaijani folk songs and musical instruments concert. The Ghadim Shargh Ensemble (Azerbaijan)


19 October, Sunday

14.00 The scent as a cultural and behavioral code. Lecture and discussion. Anton Zakharov, Experimentanium Museum

16.00 The art of ebru. Workshop and presentation. Julia Volodina


25 October, Saturday

14.00   Imaginary views: the na?ve art of kilim carpets in the Caucasus. Lecture. Dr. Natalia Konradova

16.00 The limit of the tradition. Lecture and presentation. Faig Ahmed (Azerbaijan)


26 October, Sunday

12.00 The snow leopard and the birds of Paradise: animals in the Moscow Zoo. Talk for children aged 7+. Elena Migunova, the Moscow Zoo


1 November, Saturday

12.00 The space modes of the Islamic illumination. Lecture. Dr. M. Nazarly, Institute of Oriental Cultures and Antiquity, RSUH

14.00 500 strikes or the art of the Persian kalmakar table-clothes. Lecture. Pavla Ripinskaya, Anastasia Talyzina

16.00 Traditional Islamic book decoration: illumination and calligraphy. Lecture. Dr. Ilya Zaitsev, Library for Foreign Literature


2 November, Sunday

14.00 Calligraphy as a new form of a common artistic language. Workshop for children aged 7+ and adults. Zara Alizademadani


14 November, Friday

17.00 Transformations of the traditional Arabic visual language in the XXth and XXIst centuries. Lecture. Dr. Tatiana Gafar, Moscow Centre for Museum Development



15 November, Saturday

13.00 Origins of the Jameel Prize at the V&A. Tim Stanley, Senior curator, V&A


Venue: Novy Manege

Lectures and discussions last up to 90 min

Workshops are site specific

Registration for guided tours and workshops is obligatory at education@moscowmanege.ru

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