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Anatoly Zverev. On the threshold of the new museum

from January 28 to March 8


In January 2014, Manege MEA starts a new series of exhibitions “On the threshold of the new museum … “. The first show will be an exhibition of works by Anatoly Zverev of the newly established AZ Museum (Natalia Opaleva, CEO, Polina Lobachevskaya, Art Director). The entire series will be named after this exhibition, “Anatoly Zverev. On the threshold of the new museum.” This cycle of Manege MEA exhibitions is intended to consist of projects that introduce viewers to new museums.


This exhibit is an important step towards opening in Moscow of the unique Museum of Anatoly Zverev (the AZ Museum) – one of the underrated masters of Russian art of the twentieth century. The show presents the discoveries and findings associated with the artist’s work and his future museum: from the AZ Museum concept (design and construction of which is ongoing) to the newly acquired works, unknown even to specialists.


The exhibition is based around works from the collection of the great art collector George Costakis, donated to the museum by his daughter Aliki. The New Manege exhibit will feature approximately 300 works dating to 1957-1960, one of the most productive periods of the artist.


The significance and value of Anatoly Zverev’s heritage will be exposed in the multimedia installation that will unite the entire space of the Manege. It is designed to immerse the viewer in the world of the artist, to guide him through the variety of genres and forms of the artist’s work.


A separate room will be dedicated to publishing efforts of the AZ Museum. We are referring to the unique books and albums presenting previously unknown works by the artist. A unique study album, “Anatoly Zverev. 100 self-portraits,” and a catalog are being specially prepared for this exhibit.


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